Say What You Want, and Say It Out Loud

November 6, 2017


We tend to hold our deepest desires close to our chest, never saying them out loud because we fear they will never come true. We hold all sorts of limiting beliefs about our biggest desires.


“Oh, that cannot happen,” we think, pushing our desires into deeper, darker seclusion.


Too often, then, our desires are moved to the backburner, and then forgotten entirely.


Saying what you want takes courage. It can be frightening. Yet, saying what you want is the first step in opening possibilities.


When you can say, “I have no idea how to make this happen, but I have to admit that I want it,” you remind your brain that your own desires are important and worth pursuing. Beyond that, you give important information to the people in your life about how they can help you in making your dreams come true.


The simple, courageous step is this: When you are clear about what you want, say it out loud, and say it often. Or, leave me a comment! And to kick it off, here’s something I want: a publisher for my book!

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