When Given a Choice, Interpret Positively

November 18, 2017


The seconds and minutes of our life add up. One negative encounter can leave you primed for another negative encounter, and pretty soon, you can feel yourself getting snappy and annoyed. This, of course, makes it more likely that the next encounter will feel lousy too. Minutes can turn into hours, which can turn into days of feeling lousy.


The reverse, though, is also true. A positive encounter leaves you primed for another positive encounter, which leaves you feeling more positive and optimistic. This, of course, makes it more likely that next encounter will feel great. All these great-feeling moments can stack up to a great-feeling day or a great-feeling week…


… or a great-feeling life.


If you can, then, assume the best in people.


When presented with equal amounts of evidence about a person or a situation, lean in the direction of the most positive, affirming explanation. Doing so is in your best interest. It leaves you with residual good feelings, which can stack into more good feelings …


… which can stack into a great-feeling life.



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