That “Gut” Feeling: The Guide to Understanding How It Can Help You and How You Can Access It More Often

December 2, 2017



We have all experienced that feeling of knowing something is wrong but having no rational reason for feeling that way. Think back to a time when warning bells went off in your head, but nothing was visibly amiss. A lover, a job, a decision, or a friendship felt wrong. Everything looked fine on paper, but a nagging feeling persisted in your gut that you just could not deny—and if you did ignore it, you came to regret it later.


That gut feeling, inner voice, intuition, or whatever you choose to call it, is arguably your greatest human faculty. I call it Inner Wisdom, and although it is available to everyone, it is virtually untapped by most people.


First, an Explanation …

Your Inner Wisdom is not something you can see or touch, but it is something you can feel. Just as we feel our emotions in our bodies, we feel our Inner Wisdom in our guts. Inner Wisdom is that part of us that knows more about what we need and what is good for us than our thinking, conscious minds sometimes do.


Our rational, logical minds can pick up habits of thinking and beliefs that do not serve us. Our conscious minds can be infested with insecurities and false premises that will lead us astray. Our Inner Wisdom, on the other hand, knows our value and believes we deserve to get our needs met, even when our thinking minds have self-destructive thoughts.


Our Inner Wisdom witnesses when our minds go down a rabbit hole and knows that...


Just because we think it, does not mean it is true.


Inner Wisdom is that still, small voice within you that whispers not to let your dreams die, not to compromise on what matters to you, and not to forget about your own happiness. It is the part of you that knows you are worthy and deserving and lovable—even when you are not feeling that way.


Does it sound far-fetched that we each have an inner beacon that can guide us? If it does, take a moment to think about how much conscious, rational, intentional thought you put into making sure your body functions properly. Do you spend time micro-managing your breath or your blood flow or the millions of other things happening in your cells every minute?


Nope. Your body just works, and unless you are a scientist, you likely have little understanding of how it works. Even scientists have only begun to scratch the surface of understanding the intricate workings of the myriad of systems that keep us alive. Fortunately, though, our bodies have their own wisdom that manages to keep us alive with little to no conscious effort from us.


Our Inner Wisdom works much the same way. With no conscious effort from us, it witnesses everything that our minds, emotions, and bodies do and need. This is why Inner Wisdom is your greatest resiliency tool. It exists beyond the bounds of your belief system and knows what your rational mind might not even understand.


Most importantly, your Inner Wisdom reminds you of what you truly desire, believes you deserve nothing less, and knows how to help you get there.


What do you truly desire, and do you access the power of your Inner Wisdom to achieve your dreams?


How Can You Access Your Inner Wisdom?


Check out my next blog: Four Strategies for Accessing Your Inner Wisdom.




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