Listen to Messages from Your Body


Our emotions are always expressed in our bodies. Your pulse might race in response to anxiety. Your throat might tighten in response to sadness. Your head might throb in response to anger.


We all feel our emotions in our bodies, even when we do not register the thoughts behind them. Our bodies give us warning and welcoming signs all of the time, letting us know what is best for us and what we need. However, we often either fail to hear these messages, or we choose to ignore them.


If we start tuning in to what our bodies have to tell us, we have a powerful tool for making decisions that support us in getting our needs met.


In fact, intentionally tuning into your body when you are making a decision is a beneficial habit to cultivate. The next time you have a decision to make, close your eyes, breathe, and see what your body has to tell you. See how it feels in your body if you go one way, and then see how it feels to go another.


You can do this with physical symptoms too. The next time you have an ache or pain, close your eyes, breathe, and ask your body what it needs to feel better. Ask your headache what it needs. Ask your tight shoulders what they need. Ask your cold what you need.


You might be surprised at how much powerful information is available to you when you tune into the wisdom of your body.


What does your body have to tell you right now?

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